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Qui est SPQI

A propos de SPQI La société SPQI SAS (Services et Produits de Qualité et Innovants) conçoit, fabrique et commercialise des réactifs de laboratoire pour la recherche (anticorps monoclonaux, anticorps polyclonaux, kits ELISA) dans des ...
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Sperm Quality biomarker in human health

Reproductive Medecine - Male Fertility More details on the proAKAP4 protein In simple words, the proAKAP4 is the precursor of AKAP4 protein. Largely described, AKAP4 play a central role in flagellar structure, chemotaxis, capacitation ...
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Sperm Quality Biomarkers in animal reproduction

In mammals, proAKAP4 and AKAP4 are both specifically localized to the fibrous sheath of the principal piece of the flagellum and are largely known to be  involved in the flagellum structure and sperm motility ( Sergeant et al., 2019 ) In ...
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Neurodegeneration biomarkers

Anti-Phospho Tau Antibodies as biomarker in neurodegenerative diseases Microtubule-associated Tau proteins regulate polymerization and stability of microtubules through their microtubule-binding domains and their level of phosphorylation. ...
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Cancer Biomarkers (Cancer Testis Antigen)

Cancer testis (CT) antigens are an expanding family of tumor-associated antigens that have an highly tumor restricted expression pattern and a strong immunogenicity. Among them, AKAP-4 was initially identified as an aberrantly expressed CTA in ...
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