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The 4MID® Kit is now available for cat semen

An Innovative Test of Sperm Quality called 4MID® Kit is now available for Cat !

The Cat 4MID® Kit (Ref. 4VDX-19K10) is the first test that validates objectively semen quality by quantifying a protein biomarker named proAKAP4 in cat semen.

The Cat 4MID® Kit will bring you :

- Objective information on semen quality
- A functional indicator of fertility
- Qualification of each ejaculate
- Qualification of each straw when frozen and banked
- An indicator of spermatogenesis quality

For more information about the Cat 4MID® Kit, click here (mettre lien breeding cat)

This product is a Research Use Only Product (RUO product). Not For Diagnosis or Therapeutic Use.

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