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ESDAR 2019 - Annual Conference

The ESDAR 2019 Conference (European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction) took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, from the 19 to 22nd September 2019.

Our collaborators from Oniris (Vet School of Nantes, France) presented at this Annual International Meeting their last results with the Dog 4MID® kits.

These results are already published :

Le Couazer D, Sergeant N, Jouy N, Michaud S, Loyens A, Delehedde M, Amirat-Briand L and Bencharif D (2019). Expression of proAKAP4 in dog semen as promising marker of sperm quality. Reproduction in Domestic Animal. Vol 54(53):73.

4MID chiot baby

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