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EUROTAU 2021- Lille (France)

The EUROTAU 2021 Meeting was hold in Lille (France) from the 25th to the 26th of October 2021. 

This Meeting dedicated to the Tau protein was organised by Dr Luc Buée and the European Tau protein Consortium. 

This international event gathered european specialists working on Tau protein. EUROTAU meeting is always a great opportunity for them to exchange about their works on Tau protein in Alzheimer diseases and other Tauopathy diseases (progressive supranuclear palsy PSP, etc.).

Our scientific and commercial teams from SPQI S.A.S were present during all this international Meeting to present their last data on Tau protein and their innovative and exclusive products including, the exclusive 2H9 antibodies, the only monoclonal antibody on the market to detect p422tau modifications.

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