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Horse 4MID® Kit (proAKAP4 marker)

Reference: : 4VDX-18K3

The Horse 4MID® Kit (Ref. 4VDX-18K3) allows to quantify proAKAP4 in horse semen as a biomarker of sperm quality and stallion fertility.

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Horse proAKAP4 (all breeds) / Donkey proAKAP4

Analytical range

0 ng to 150 ng

Sample type

Fresh, chilled and frozen semen

More info

Innovative assay to assess semen quality in horse   

The Horse 4MID® Kit (Ref. 4VDX-18K3) is the first testing kit that validates objectively semen quality by quantifying a protein named proAKAP4 in samples of horse semen. 

This ELISA kit is the 1st functional testing kit to evaluate sperm quality and male fertility in horse and donkey.

The dosage of the proAKAP4 marker with the Horse 4MID® Kit will bring you: 

  • Qualification of male ejaculate before and after cryopreservation
  • Qualification of each breeding male
  • Best semen for cryopreservation
  • Selection of semen with long lasting motility and functionality at post-thaw
  • Selection of semen with more mature, normal and less-tail abnormalities (indicator of good quality spermatogenesis
  • Selection of best extender for stallion semen preservation

The concentration of the proAKAP4 biomarker is a good indicator of sperm quality and of how the spermatozoa can keep its motility high and efficient overtimes (Sergeant et al., 2019).

proAKAP4 values

High concentrations of proAKAP4 help select semen with long lasting motility and are indicative of good spermatogenesis, giving more mature, more “normal’ spermatozoa and less tail abnormalities ratio in bull semen samples (Bastan and Akcay, 2021).

Technical data

  • Name: Horse 4MID® Kit
  • Reference : 4VDX-18K3
  • This ELISA kit allow to test from 1 to 88 samples simultaneously or individuously (12 breakable strips of 8 well per 96-well microplate / per kit)
  • Working with fresh, chilled or frozen semen in extenders / on isolated spermatozoa
  • Easy to use immunoassay 
  • Easy to interprete / to implement in breeding centers
  • Robust, objective and reproductible method

Research Use Only Product (RUO) / Not for Diagnosis or Therapeutic Use.

Examples of references about AKAP4/proAKAP4 :

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