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ESDAR 2022 - Thessaloniki, Greece

The 25th Annual ESDAR Conference 2022 ( European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction Conference) was hold in Thessaloniki (Greece) from the 28th September to 2nd October, 2022

The venue of the ESDAR 2022 was at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

The ESDAR 2022 is organized to promote research, discussion, debate  and supports all activites to stimulate education and research in the field of reproduction, especially for clinical Aspects, biotechnology and Physiology of Reproduction.

Dr  Marta Dordas Perpinya from Oniris (Vet shool in Nantes, France) gave an oral communication entilted :

ProAKAP4 correlation with motion parameters and spermatozoa subpopulations in stallion. 

Ms Alice Fatet (INRAE) presented her data on proAKAP4 in goats in a communication entilted :

The sperm specific protein proAKAP4 as a marker to evaluate sperm quality and fertility in Bucks.

All the details (program, speaker, fees, registration) on the following website :

ESDAR 2022 4BioDx

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