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ProAKAP4 concentrations for bull sperm quality and fertility

Thanks to our great partners from the Nantes-Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine (France), EVOLUTION and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), we are glad to announce our new publication in Veterinary Sciences Journal !


This paper evaluate the relationships between the sperm proAKAP4 levels measured by ELISA (Bull 4MID Kit), the conventional semen analysis, and fertility indicators (non-return rate at 90 days) in post-thawed conditions using commercially available straws.


Sperm protein proAKAP4 concentration can be used as a marker of post-thawed semen quality and of fertility in bulls. The

proAKAP4 concentrations were shown to correlate with progressive motility and to be associated with sperm motion variables and the 90-day non-return rates following cow artificial insemination.



The authors then stated that high concentrations of ProAKAP4 are then indicative of a good sperm quality and are a predictive parameter of male fertility as previously shown in other mammals.



More details on:

Veterinary Sciences | Free Full-Text | ProAKAP4 Semen Concentrations as a Valuable Marker Protein of Post-Thawed Semen Quality and Bull Fertility: A Retrospective Study (

Dordas-Perpinyà M, Sergeant N, Ruelle I, Bruyas JF, Charreaux C, Michaud S, Carracedo S, Catalán J, Miró J, Delehedde M and Briand-Amirat L (2022) ProAKAP4 semen concentrations as a valuable marker protein of post-thawed semen quality and bull fertility: a retrospective study. Veterinary Sciences. Vol. 9 :224.