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BIOFAR Laboratoris, our partner for the Pig 4MID Kit analyses

BIOFAR Laboratoris is our great partner in Spain to bring an innovative and functional approach in boar semen quality assessment !

In Spain and Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact them directly to know more about the Pig 4MID Kit  and how to control objectively your boar semen quality !

They are great expert and will reply to any of your orders !

Email :
Office: +34 938 684 885
Mobile: +34 608 227 912

Address: POLÍGON LA CORT, C/ Forns, 18 - 08261 Cardona (Barcelona)

Website :

BIOFAR LABORATORIS is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory that provides a personalised diagnostic service for veterinary diseases, using today’s most advanced technologies, including the Pig 4MID Kit for semen quality and boar fertility assessment

The Pig 4MID Kit is a robust and cost-saving approach to assess semen quality and boar fertility. More details on 

All the details also on :


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