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Get a 20% off on all 4BioDx antibodies!

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we are glad to offer you a 20

% off on all 4BioDx antibodies references!

This is an opportunity for you to test our antibodies in the fields of human reproduction and animal reproduction as well as the field of neurodegenerative diseases, discover for examples:

  • The anti-AKAP4 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone 7E10 (ref. 4BDX-1602) and the anti-proAKAP4 antibody clone 6F12 (ref. 4BDX-1701) that will help you in your research in the fields of human and animal reproduction.

  • The Anti-Tau [pS422] antibody, clone 2H9 (ref. 4BDX-1501) is a specific biomarker of neurofibrillary degeneration. It is directed against phospho-Ser422 Tau, a pathological Tau phospho-epitope appearing in neurological disorders. 

This summer promotional offer expires the 1st of August 2018!

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