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Uro-andrological Meeting in Belgrade

SPQI - 4BioDx was present at the Uro-andrological Meeting in Belgrade (Serbia) on the 11th of May 2018. The meeting venue was : The Main Hall at the Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade (Serbia).

This meeting was organised by the Urological Serbe Association and by the Pr Sava Micic.

Pr Ashok AGARWAL (American Center for Reproductive Medicine - Cleveland - USA) was invited as Guest Speaker and presented his last results on the topic: "Oxidation-reduction potential as a new marker for oxidative stress : correlation to male infertility". 

SPQI - 4BioDx presented the last scientific results on the first biomarker of sperm quality, that reflects spermatozoa motility and fecundancy, to International Andrologists gathering in Belgrade (Serbia).

SPQI-4BioDx_Uro-andrological Meeting 201

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