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Rabbit 4MID® kit (proAKAP4 biomarker)

Reference: : 4VDX-18K6

The Rabbit 4MID® kit (Ref. 4VDX-18K6) allows you to quantify proAKAP4 in samples of rabbit semen as a biomarker of sperm quality and fertility.

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Data sheet


Rabbit proAKAP4

Analytical range

2,34 ng to 150 ng

Sample type

Rabbit semen


User instructions ref. 4VDX-18K6

More info

Innovative complete immunoassay to assess semen quality in rabbit

The Rabbit 4MID® kit (Ref. 4VDX-18K6) is the first immunoassay that validates objectively semen quality by quantifying a protein biomarker named proAKAP4 in samples of rabbit semen. This ELISA kit is the 1st functional test to evaluate sperm quality.

The dosage of the proAKAP4 biomarker with the 4MID® kit, will bring you:

  • Objective information on semen quality

  • Qualification of each breeding male and their ejaculates

  • Pertinent parameter to improve sperm cryopreservation

  • A functional indicator correlated to fertility and prolificity

The concentration of the proAKAP4 biomarker is a good indicator of sperm quality and of how the spermatozoa can keep its motility high and efficient up to fecondation.

Technical data

  • Name: Rabbit 4MID® kit
  • Up to 80 samples can be run in less than 2 hours
  • Working with fresh ejaculate or with frozen semen
  • Easy to use immunoassay / Manual and automated assay
  • Robust and reproductible method

Research Use Only Product (RUO) / Not for Diagnosis or Therapeutic Use.

Reagents provided the Rabbit 4MID® kit

The Rabbit 4MID® kit (Ref. 4VDX-18K6) contains all reagents and buffers required for the quantification of proAKAP4 protein in rabbit semen.

  • One Microplate pre-coated with the Capture Antibody
  • One vial of Standard
  • One vial of Detection Antibody
  • One bottle of the Enzyme Reagent
  • One bottle of 10X Wash Buffer
  • One bottle of the Sample Diluant
  • One bottle of the Acid Stop Solution
  • One vial of Positive Control
  • Two plate sealers

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