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Human 4MID® Kit (proAKAP4 biomarker)

Reference: : 4BDX-18K1

The Human 4MID® Kit (Ref. 4BDX-18K1) is a complete immunoassay that allows you to quantify human proAKAP4 in sperm samples as a biomarker of sperm quality.

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Data sheet

Analytical range

0.9 ng to 60 ng

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Innovative complete immunoassay to assess semen quality in human

The Human 4MID® Kit (Ref. 4BDX-18K1) contains all reagents and buffers required for the quantification of proAKAP4 protein in sperm. This ELISA Kit is the 1st functional test to evaluate sperm quality.

The concentration of the proAKAP4 biomarker is a good indicator of sperm quality and of how the spermatozoa can keep its motility high and efficient up to fecondation (Delehedde et al., 2019).

Technical data

  • Name: Human 4MID® Kit
  • Ref : 4BDX-18K1
  • This kit makes it possible to test from 1 to 88 samples simultaneously
  • Working with fresh ejaculate or with frozen semen 
  • Easy to use immunoassay / Manual and automated assay
  • Robust and reproductible method

Research Use Only Product (RUO) / Not for Diagnosis or Therapeutic Use.

Reagents provided in the Human 4MID® Kit

  • One Microplate pre-coated with the Capture Antibody
  • One vial of Standard
  • One vial of Detection Antibody
  • One bottle of the Enzyme Reagent
  • One bottle of 10X Wash Buffer
  • One bottle of the Sample Diluant
  • One bottle of the Acid Stop Solution
  • One vial of Positive Controle 
  • Two adhesive plate sealers


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