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AKAP4 gene in downregulated in sterile hybrid offstring

Cattleyak are the hybrid offspring between cattle and yak and combine yak hardiness with cattle productivity in Tibet. However male are sterile due to spermatogenic arrest. By testis transcriptome profiling Wu et al. (2020) have identified that AKAP4 is among the gene that are drastically downregulated in cattleyak.


AKAP4 is a vital for flagellar development and consist of more of 50% of the axonem, acting both as structural and functional actor of the sperm flagellum. AKAP4 is required for fertility and proAKAP4 concentrations (stock of full length AKAP4) are the unique sperm parameter correlated with fertility.


The 4MID® Kit,  are today the only functional assays on the market that allow to quantify proAKAP4 directly in spermatozoa ejaculates, assessing the sperm quality and how spermatozoa will be functional and living in time.


More details about this new approach in sperm analysis with the 4MID® Kits and their different applications on


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