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IDMC12 - International Dystrophy Myotonic Consortium Meeting

Dr Nicolas SERGEANT, co-founder of SPQI– 4BioDx  was chairman at the 12th edition or «International  Dystrophy Myotonic Consortium – IDMC-12 » that was hold in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 10th to 14th of June 2019.

It was the 12th edition of the scientific and medical meeting that is hold every two years and brings together the world's leading scientists in the field of myotonic dystrophy from all around the world.

Dr. Nicolas SERGEANT presented 3 posters at this major event in Myotonic Dystrophy field (poster area – G4):

- « [P2-008] Development and Characterization of a Novel Microtubule-associated Tau Minigene Knockin Mouse Model Crossed with the DMSXL Mouse Model »

- « [P4-014] PET Imaging of Tau Pathology in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: A Pilot Study »

- « [P8-003] A Decoy-Based Gene Therapy to Inhibit RNA Toxicity Associated with Expanded CUG »

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