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XXIII Congresso Brasileiro De Reprodução Animal (CBRA 2019)

SPQI - 4BioDx and LEAC were present together at the XXIIIe Brazilian Congress in Animal Reproduction (CBRA 2019) in Gramado (Brazil)! 

On their booth, they presented to veterinarians and AI breeding scientists the range of our 4MID® Kits to assess semen quality, fertility and prolificity !

Furthermore, our scientific teams were there to present their last field results with the Bull 4MID® Kits.

- Ruelle et al. 2019

Ruelle I, Charreaux F, Bencharif D, Thorin C, Michaud S, Schmitt E, Sergeant N, Briand-Amirad L and Delehedde M (2019) Assessment of the sperm specific protein proAKAP4 as a marker to evaluate sperm quality and fertility in Holstein bulls. Animal Reproduction. In press.

And also the experimental results on the use of the Horse 4MID® kit to evaluate the performance of new extender for horse semen cryopreservation 

- Blommaert et al. 2019

Blommaert D, Franck T, Lejeune JF, Selleslagh M, Jouy N, Sergeant N, Serteyn D and Delehedde M (2019a) The horse 4MID kit as a promising tool to compare different freezing media to preserve stallion semen. Animal Reproduction. In press. 

4BioDX in Brazil

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